to get everyone ready for halloween tonight i thought i’d post up some of our shots from last year.

*cue scariest movie theme song ever*

does this qualify as an awkward family photo?

as you can see i was dressed as the michael myers, april was batgirl, rain was the best joker ever, and noah was a skeleton scarecrow

rain really got into her role. she kinda creeped us out :)

no actual park was blown up in the making of this photo.

kim was my favorite martian.

jake kept complaining that there were a bunch of other kids wearing costumes like his.
ummm… hello, you’re a clone!

have a safe and fun halloween everyone. hopefully you don’t end up with a bag full of rocks.
we’ll post up some shots from this year’s madness soon, sans april. sadly, she will not be trick or treating with us this year. boo. BOOOOO APRIL!! this will be our first halloween without her :(
she’ll be dressing as a blockhead and staying in her cal arts great-pumpkin patch. :)

hurrryyy baaaaack. hurrryyyyy baaaaaack.