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Heather and Michaels Temecula vineyard wedding at Gershon Bachus Vintners

what's up everyone? it's mid-week and i bet at least 7 of you have already mentally checked out of work and started thinking about your upcoming weekend wine tasting trip. well, here's a little something to keep you day dreaming. i did heather and michael's engagement session at gershon bachus vintners last year and couldn't wait for their wedding right back at[...]

on this day

the year was 19 something and a little room at sharp memorial hospital was filled to capacity with big emotions. pain, fear, frustration, exhaustion, empathy, courage, determination, triumph, love, pride, ultimate joy. while many breaths were being held, one was being taken, for the first time. in one moment, screams turned to silence, silence turned to c[...]

Superman marries Fergie

greetings citizens. you've fallen into my trap! (said in my best super villain voice.) kidding. there’s no trap. i’m not a super villain. i'm not even a nigerian prince... yet. technically, i’ve already paid for the title. i’m just waiting to hear back from them. i have to admit, as much as i LOVE when good wins (because bad is dumb) i'm always drawn to the dar[...]

the lion and the giraffe

there once was a lion named ruben, like the sandwich, but not spelled the same. he was the king of all wild things, livin large, playing video games, watching superman movies, doing whatever he wanted to, but he was lonely and wanted to be where someone loved him. he wanted someone to share all that fun with, so he gave up being king and set off to find her. he[...]