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party rocking New York wedding pt1

aloha everyone! we're back from the big apple, but not for long. every day i'm shufflin. we barely have enough time to change our chonies and then we're off to... wait for it... hawaii! w00t! trying to get caught up this time of year has been insane, but 1 - we're used to insane around here. 2 - we just had to post a few shots from the crazy hot and[...]

featured on the wedding chicks, marcella and cameron's brooklyn botanic garden wedding!

our 2010 has been stuffed with more sweetness than a truckload of twinkies, but today it got even sweeter. amy and jocey, aka the wedding chicks, just featured cameron and marcella's brooklyn botanic garden wedding. we shot it earlier this year and instantly fell in love with cameron, marcella, and new york. their wedding will always hold a special place in our me[...]

man and whitney are on fiyah!

rounding out our whitney and man trilogy are these images taken on the day after their wedding, just before we headed over to do their aftermath session in the cemetery. we love doing aftermath sessions, especially when we have awesome couples like whitney and man. for any bride out there that wants to get images like these but gets worried when they hear the term "[...]

eternal love

whitney and man's wedding at st michael's of rochester was a public exaltation of their love for each other, their reception at eagle vale golf course, a jubilant celebration with family and friends. in the aftermath of that joyous day, in a quiet place, there lay a wife and a husband, in love, no longer to be alone in the darkness. it was in that spirit we spent [...]

iron man shakes pepper, weds whitney!

when i was in elementary school our whole class got paired up with pen pals from various places around the world. i was geeking out because i loved meeting new people and learning about far away places. my pen pal was a girl from australia. double bonus right? she never wrote back. to this day i still have not gone to australia. maybe someday i'll chuck a sickie a[...]