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Kami and Mike wedding at Leo Carrillo Ranch in San Diego California

Welcome Amigos! It's a humid, rainy, Hawaiian kind of day here in San Diego. Since there's no sun outside today I'm going to take us all back to Kami and Mike's wedding at Leo Carillo Ranch to bring a little sunshine to your screens. One of my favorite parts about this wedding, other than the awesome location, is that this was actually an anniversary in a wedding wrap[...]

David and Danielles San Diego Wedding at the Rancho Guajome Adobe in Vista CA

a dusty drive, a simple dirt lot, just look around at this incredible spot. a clay tile roof atop white washed walls, a flower-filled courtyard filled with birds calls. a 19th century wagon with rusty metal wheels, this place is a gold mine of textures and feels. weathered adobe brick walls, old wooden floors that creak and crack, someone yells "david and d[...]

danielle and david's hot and steamy poolside engagement session in san diego

i knew that title would catch your eye. :) well, danielle and david are more than just eye candy pal! :) i'm going to do something a little different for this post. i want to share who this couple is, through some of their own words. of course, there will still be images of them from there engagement session in san diego, but i also want everyone reading this[...]