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on this day

the year was 19 something and a little room at sharp memorial hospital was filled to capacity with big emotions. pain, fear, frustration, exhaustion, empathy, courage, determination, triumph, love, pride, ultimate joy. while many breaths were being held, one was being taken, for the first time. in one moment, screams turned to silence, silence turned to c[...]

Superman marries Fergie

greetings citizens. you've fallen into my trap! (said in my best super villain voice.) kidding. there’s no trap. i’m not a super villain. i'm not even a nigerian prince... yet. technically, i’ve already paid for the title. i’m just waiting to hear back from them. i have to admit, as much as i LOVE when good wins (because bad is dumb) i'm always drawn to the dar[...]

favorite portraits - 2010 rewind

the recession may have sucked most of the fun out of last year, but we have proof that it didn't get it all. here are some of our favorite portraits from the year that shall not be named. to everyone pictured here, thank you for sharing these moments with us. kim, april, and i feel extremely blessed that you chose us to photograph you. we miss you already, and look[...]

California rest in peace

sad news this week. the suits at disney have decided to remove the big california letters that have welcomed guests to disney's california adventure since the park opened on february 8th 2001. they will be expanding and changing the look of the entire entrance to the park. knowing that january 4th was the last day to see the letters still standing, we headed up to [...]