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angels boudoir session (nudity)

following up on our last post, here are some of angel's solo shots. she looks absolutely beautiful, but before we get to her shots, i have to let everyone know just how incredible angel is. if you saw the last session with angel and her husband paul you may have noticed angel's hair is a little shorter now. that's because she donated her hair to locks of love. [...]

jace jace baby

it’s another session from new york! well... actually we were just outside new york in connecticut. here’s the super rad batoon family! the last time we shot them was a few years back, when addi was just an itty bitty baby. she has grown way up! and let me tell you she can belt out part of your world better than ariel. since the last time we saw jaymie and audrey, [...]

thu and jason rock out rochester

what is up everyone! are you ready for some football! um, i mean to see some more of the uber rad thu and jason's rochester wedding of rock and roll awesomeness?! we are! before we get to the images though we have to tell you a little something about them. if you don't eat yer meat, you can't have any pudding! early this year after jason proposed to thu w[...]

party rocking New York wedding pt1

aloha everyone! we're back from the big apple, but not for long. every day i'm shufflin. we barely have enough time to change our chonies and then we're off to... wait for it... hawaii! w00t! trying to get caught up this time of year has been insane, but 1 - we're used to insane around here. 2 - we just had to post a few shots from the crazy hot and[...]