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Brittany and Thomas - Disneyland Anniversary Session 2

Haaaaave you met Brittany and Thomas? If you didn't fall in love with them 2 years ago at Christmas, hold on to your hats and glasses, because you're about to! They are the definition of colorful and fun. We love them to infinity and beyond! We're so glad they made it out for Pixar Fest. What better place and time to spend their 5th wedding anniversary?  They're a[...]

Delia and Eric Disneyland proposal

if there's one thing we love to shoot more than anything else it has to be proposals. we love surprises, and they don't get any bigger than this! eric brought his girlfriend delia to disneyland on valentines day and had the whole thing orchestrated on the down low. he brought delia up to the front of the castle just as the sun was setting and "randomly" walked [...]