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Waimea Love

one of my favorite things about hawaii is the people that live there. the aloha spirit is real, and it lives in everyone that calls this paradise home, like the brunel's here. we met them years ago, through ronnie and giji, and have updated their family portraits regularly ever since. every time we go to hawaii they are one of the highlights of our trip. they're s[...]

Baluca plus one

leave it to ronnie and giji to come up with new creative ways to make kim actually want to get on a plane. what did they do? they had a baby! yep, they plus-oned their awesome ohana with a new baby boy. now jonah and rhinna have baby siah to keep them company in the back of the swagger wagon. we love this family! we've been shooting them since 2008 and they alw[...]

favorite portraits - 2010 rewind

the recession may have sucked most of the fun out of last year, but we have proof that it didn't get it all. here are some of our favorite portraits from the year that shall not be named. to everyone pictured here, thank you for sharing these moments with us. kim, april, and i feel extremely blessed that you chose us to photograph you. we miss you already, and look[...]