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favorite portraits - 2010 rewind

the recession may have sucked most of the fun out of last year, but we have proof that it didn't get it all. here are some of our favorite portraits from the year that shall not be named. to everyone pictured here, thank you for sharing these moments with us. kim, april, and i feel extremely blessed that you chose us to photograph you. we miss you already, and look[...]

1st comes love, then comes marriage, then comes angelina cho-lee?

friends and family came from as far away as new york, canada, hawaii, south korea, and california to gather together in one house, the casa del prado, to witness saerin and brian's wedding. like the two of them, it was non-tradional for the most part, with subtle korean tradition mixed in for balance. the ceremony included plenty of san diego sunshine, song, and s[...]

adventure is out there!

stacey and jeff's world tour 2010 made a stop in santa monica and we were beyond stoked to get front row seats! well actually, we just started their engagement session at the santa monica pier. the world tour will start after they get married later this year. they've already seen some amazing places together, but their love of food and travel will eventually take [...]