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angels boudoir session (nudity)

following up on our last post, here are some of angel's solo shots. she looks absolutely beautiful, but before we get to her shots, i have to let everyone know just how incredible angel is. if you saw the last session with angel and her husband paul you may have noticed angel's hair is a little shorter now. that's because she donated her hair to locks of love. [...]

Odonohue ohana

we kinda went out of order by posting their wedding images first, but sometimes you gotta shake things up a bit. here are some images of eunice and greg's beautiful ohana from their family session in balboa park. these guys had us laughing and smiling the whole time we were chasing them on trees, around fountains, and up on stage. there are no words to describe ho[...]

Eunice and Greg Hard Rock Hotel wedding in San Diego pt2

we are so lucky to have the best, most fun, beautiful, and crazy-in-love couples ever! eunice and greg are no exception. we met them through one of our most rad-a-tat-boombastic couples karmina and jeff. (click here to see their crazy fun wedding at the ultimate skybox.) along with eunice and greg, they've sent us a bevy of other hotties like tiffany and patricio (c[...]