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Kami and Mike wedding at Leo Carrillo Ranch in San Diego California

Welcome Amigos! It's a humid, rainy, Hawaiian kind of day here in San Diego. Since there's no sun outside today I'm going to take us all back to Kami and Mike's wedding at Leo Carillo Ranch to bring a little sunshine to your screens. One of my favorite parts about this wedding, other than the awesome location, is that this was actually an anniversary in a wedding wrap[...]

Mina and Kelvin wedding at Pacific Edge Hotel in Laguna Beach California

Weddings are filled with a ton of happy things, but I definitely have a favorite. For me, the best thing about a wedding is that all of your family and friends are in the same place at the same time. How often does that happen? In today's world, it's rarer than yellow diamonds. Mina and Kelvin's wedding at the Pacific Edge Hotel in Laguna Beach really hit this home fo[...]

Becky and Henry San Diego Engagement

A cute, happy couple? Hey, I've seen a cute, happy couple, and they passed by not too long ago. They went this way! They went this way! Join us, and Dory, in congratulating Becky and Henry. They are now happily engaged, and counting down the days to their amazing wedding in Atlantis!  real one, that exists in the Bahamas, not the lost city of legend. Why, Becky and[...]

Megan and Nick wedding at Rimrock Ranch

Every time I head out to the desert I think of The Joshua Tree album. In particular, I hear the words from In God's Country in my mind. There is something about the simplicity of the desert that calms my soul. As Bono sang, "she is liberty, and she comes to rescue me." As we drive over the mountains, and into the desert, the blur of our everyday lives falls away. Slow[...]