what memories come to mind when i say the word “prom?”
good, bad, or indifferent, prom night is a special night that, usually, only happens once in a lifetime.
the way i see it is, if you’re lucky, you get to go to a prom.
if you’re really lucky, you get to go with someone other than your mom.
if you’re extremely lucky, you get to go with someone as beautiful as serina.
aldo is that lucky.
that’s not to say that aldo isn’t a good looking dude. please… if i were a teenage girl i’d have posters of him all over my walls. but i digress. and we’re back on subject in 3, 2, 1…
serina’s parents (ruben y monica) asked us to snap a few shots to remember the big day. the whole ohana was there to send serina and aldo off in style, including serina’s bonita little sister julissa. more on the ohana later. let’s get back to serina and aldo.

fact: serina’s prom dress was made out of sparkle encrusted hotness…


no question, the hottest couple at the prom.

serina’s smile lit up at least half of balboa park that day.





this is what happens when serina turns her smile up to full power.



aldo’s GQ cover shot.







flower time


the non-parental-chaperoned-prom-night suggested minimum safe distance. :)
sorry ruben. it was worth a shot.



no need to vote. here’s your prom king and queen. just walk in and demand they hand over the crowns you two.

serina’s beautiful ohana (including aldo).

your car has arrived.
serina and aldo, we hope your prom was awesome. thank you all for allowing us to capture this special moment.

p.s. if you’d like to see more shots of serina and aldo, head over to april’s blog by clicking here.