every year when the wedding season winds down we get a chance to catch our breath and reconnect with everything we set aside at the beginning of the season. we also begin reflecting on our year and our business.

we ask ourselves questions like:

1) are all of our clients happy with the work we did for them?

2) what are the lessons we learned?

3) what did we do to improve ourselves, our business, and our skills?

4) how can we get better before next season?

5) was there anyone that didn’t instantly have a smile on their face when they saw me (on halloween)?

6) why do we do what we do?

obviously we still have a lot of answers to gather, but i hope the answer to question 1 (and 5) is YES.

answers to question number six are numerous, but many of them are in this incredible video by the awesome people at kodak. some of you may have seen it before. it’s been around for a while, but i think this is one of the best “commercials” ever made. granted, i am a photographer, but i’d love to hear what you have to say about it. obviously you wouldn’t be on our site if you didn’t love pictures too. before you watch the video i want to point out my personal favorite part. there is a brief scene 5 minutes and 14 seconds in that hits home for me every time. i’ll explain why below, after you see the video. i hope you enjoy it as much as i do.

if you are unable to see the video click here to see it, then come back.

thanks for indulging me. now, i know it may seem strange to launch a brand new blog with a post about something that i didn’t personally have a hand in making. to that i offer this explanation. this video so perfectly sums up why we do what we do that i simply don’t know how i could have done it any better. thank you kodak for making such a wonderful video. you know your marketing is working when your target market doesn’t just watch your message, but “feels” it.

speaking of which, the scene i mentioned above that comes 5 minutes and 14 seconds in to the video is my favorite because i see my grandparents in that moment. as many of you know, i lost my grandma in september 2008. she was the brightest star in my families sky. she always had a smile on her face and a camera in her hand. she is the reason why i love pictures. it’s been a little over a year now and i still think of her smiling face every time i see my camera. as i write this, memories of her are filling my heart and i have to pause for a moment. i miss her so much.

this is the last portrait taken of her. i took it at my grandparents 72nd anniversary party. thankfully, we still have my grandpa with us, and many other pictures of my grandma. through them, she will live forever.

not only did my grandma love to take photographs, she also had an awesome sense of humor. she never took herself too seriously, and always had a joke to tell, usually a dirty one. i can’t remember ever spending a day with her when she didn’t laugh out loud and make me do the same.

i’d like to think she passed a bit of her humor on to me. i can’t tell a joke to save my life, but i do what i can to make people smile. those of you who know me, know that i talk way more online than i do in person.

in this case i think i’ll just let these next photos do all the talking for me.

i’m not sure what these images just said to you, but i hope you had a laugh. my grandma probably would have laughed her teeth out if she saw me dressed like this :)


we can’t have a grand opening of our new blog without a sweet PRIZE GIVEAWAY!

all you need to do to enter is comment below telling us all about a moment in your life that will live forever and tell us if you were able to catch it with your camera, or if you missed it. you have until midnight on saturday march 27th 2010 to tell us your story. after we get them all we’ll pick the one that we love the most. remember, you get bonus points if we can “feel” your moment.

the winner will get to reach into our grab-blog and choose one of the following items:

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lunch with us at blue water seafood grill in san diego


welcome to our new blog everyone! thank you so much for dropping in.

we hope to see you again soon and often.

btw, we have to send a HUGE thank you to ross and his team at flosites. without them this new blog would not be here and we would still have our homemade branding. thanks for all the long hours guys. your sleep deprivation is much appreciated.


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