we’d been wishing on shooting stars, birthday candles, the snow white wishing well at disneyland, and dandelions, but until we met up with the gorgeous lindsey and handsome brent…bupkis. they were the perfect four leaf clover we needed to finally get to shoot an awesome couple on the field at petco park. fyi: it was AWESOME! the grass is so nice it looked fake. one more reason pro players are lucky. we used to play on uneven dirt fields with fire ants, shards of broken glass and gravel. sliding not fun, but i digress.
we had to work quickly at Petco. the Padres gave us our very own official escort that was not only on ot but was hungry and had dinner with his wife on his mind. he was still super nice and brought us all some water and let us have the run of the place. and we ran, we ran so far away. we just ran, we ran all night and day. we were like kids that had just been let out for recess. it was such a fun experience.

while april and i were shooting lindsey and brent, kim got some details of the park.


18th is the magic number

the rocks

and he’s…

SAFE at home!

the normally cold, empty park was filled with the light of lindsey and brent’s love.

they brought a whole new level of hotness. it temporarily blinded me in my left eye.

on the track

our town. our team. (even when they stink.)

when did the mlb dude turn into pinocchio?

brent made the call from the dugout to bring in his ace, lindsey.

well brent, i’d watch the third base coach if i were you cause i think she’s waving you in.

kim and april were all geeked out to be in the dugout, standing next to the box that houses the helmet that sits atop their favorite padres noggin.
oh khalil, how we love thee.

after shooting all we could, it was go time.
thank you so much lindsey and brent for setting up this amazing opportunity. we couldn’t ask for a more awesome couple to shoot in one of our favorite places in san diego. we can’t wait to spend a little more time with you at your san diego wedding. see you soon!