San Diego wedding at The Ultimate Skybox on top of Diamond View Tower

let’s say you’re at disneyland in the middle of summer and you want to go on the indiana jones and the temple of the forbidden eye ride, really bad. the ride is so awesome that the two hour wait doesn’t phase you. you wait with a smile on your face as you inch your way to the temple. you finally reach your vehicle and take your seat. then, before you can blink twice, the ride is over,
and you want to go again.
karmina and jeff’s wedding was our indiana jones.
right from the start we knew karmina and jeff were super fun, but it was during their engagement session in la jolla that we learned just how awesome this couple is. we don’t just take anyone into a grocery store for a portrait session :)
in the months leading up to their wedding we were counting down like nasa. and now,
karmina and jeff’s ultimate skybox wedding in san diego starts in t-minus 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

sure, karmina looked great on her engagement session, but she was absolutely stunning in her wedding dress. one thing is constant though, she has the same beautiful smile.

sexy. it was gone, and karmina brought it back.

karmina finished off her wedding attire with an exquisite pair of shoes from Badgley Mischka. gotta love the shooz!

are you starting to see why jeff (and everyone else) loves karmina so much? she’s more fun than a day at the beach.

while karmina was getting ready at home, jeff and the guys were suiting up at hotel solamar.

no clip-on for jeff. he keeps it real. lookin good my man.

isn’t karmina’s flower girl precious? (hint = yes)
with everyone in the limo we were off the the ceremony at our lady of mount carmel church in san ysidro.

even when she disobeys a direct order not to drop another flower petal during the ceremony she’s adorable. if my grandmother was there she would have been all over those cheeks :)

i love this shot of karmina!

what God has bound together…

three cheers, and tears, for jeff and karmina!

hey, everybody! i got some awesome news. we have a new crew member today, karmina. so i thought it would be fun if we all went around and said our name and a little something about ourselves. i’ll start. my name is jeff, and I like to party. all right, dave, you’re up.
uh, hi. uh, my name is dave, and uh… i… like to party.
uh, no, dave. i just said that i party, so maybe you could do something different from me.
my name is dave, and i… am the stuntman.
you know what? let’s move on.

warning: look at these ladies quickly and scroll on. having this much hotness on your screen for longer than a minute could cause your monitor to spontaneously combust.

i consider myself blessed to have a family full of beautiful girls. clearly, i’m not the only one. karmina’s parents are super blessed! karmina and her sisters couldn’t help but to have fun whether they were in front of the camera or not. i didn’t see them without a smile on their face all day.

jeremy, you’re up.
uh, hello! i’m jeremy, and i like to party.
yeah, uh, jeremy, what did i just say to dave?
i like to party. i’m jeff.
no! you’re regan!
right, regan. i party.
no, no, you don’t. okay, nobody parties but me.
yes, and we party.
yeah, just jeff…
…and me!
no! i’m the only one who parties!
i’m pretty sure i’ve partied before.
no, regan, i know for a fact you don’t party. okay? you do not party!
you’re right. dave’s the party guy.
haha, sweet!
oh, my God, shut up! :)

sexytime, this way.

as self-proclaimed ambassadors of san diego, we think that karmina and jeff picked THE most incredible spot for their reception. it was at The Ultimate Skybox at Diamond View Tower in San Diego, and it was LEGEN…wait for it…
the reception had it all. an AWESOME wedding coordinator, amanda from Creative Affairs by Amanda, great food from Continental Catering, beautiful flowers from Eric Renteriah, mariachis, yummy cake from Pasteleria Kary, bumpin music from Sonido Disco E Illuminacion, and one SWEET view of Petco Park, home of our San Diego Padres, what up :)

Lord, beer me strength.

along with loving jeff, karmina loves to dance.
hey, that picture up on the tv in the background looks familiar :)

in a room full of family, friends, and photographers, karmina and jeff found themselves alone in each others arms on their wedding day. this is what true love looks like.

karmina’s parents = the best!
they clapped every time i took a photo. ok, maybe not every time. come to think of it, karmina and jeff were always near me when i saw her parents smiling and cheering. huh. they may not have been clapping for me at all. :)

now we come to my favorite time of jeff and karmina’s day. what do you get when you mix san diego’s hottest newlywed couple with one AMAZING sunset and an incredible view of the downtown san diego skyline?
these images.

karmina and jeff, i request the highest of fives.
you look amazing.
you should know that our favorite thing about you two is that you are smokin hot…

and your heads still fit through standard doorways.
we love that you laugh with each other, a lot.
we also love that you make each other, and everyone around you, smile.
i’m so glad kim caught this moment. it is the picture i think of whenever i think of you.

sweet cake and sweet lights. all around yumminess.

reason number 83,954,527,169 to love san diego. this view.
i seriously could have stood on that patio all night long.

no, karmina and jeff didn’t hand out headbands at their reception. he brought it with him, and we love him for it.
this is the guy they call in when super fun just isn’t fun enough.
he is the next level, of fun.
insert your own caption for this shot in the comment section below.

karmina wasn’t the only one that liked to dance.
is that jeff’s dad twirling his coat around?
yes :)
this whole crowd was rad. the room was filled to capacity with awesome.

karmina and jeff, what can we say that we haven’t already said? you are such an Awesome couple. yes, i capitalized the A.
we love you both so much.
although your wedding day has come and gone like a ride through the temple of the forbidden eye, the happy memories will keep us smiling for many years to come. we sincerely thank you for choosing us to share and document this awesome time in your lives.
speaking of awesome times, remember when you both got behind the bar and started serving everyone drinks at your own wedding? :)
before we go i’d like to request 2 more shots, on the rocks :)

how many of you have had this question come up at about 2am after a long night of partying? don’t lie :)

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