La Jolla engagement session on the beach

i’m feeling rather saucy today so i think i’ll use the majesty of song to describe the ultra hot couple of jeff and karmina.
to begin, i could not find any hair bands that busted out a power ballad with “jeff” in the lyrics, so instead i’ll say that the aquabats have a song with a title that is synonymous with jeff. that song is super rad. aka jeff.
i believe kool and the gang described jeff’s feelings about karmina best when they said:
conversation is going ’round
people talkin’ ’bout the girl who’s come to town
lovely lady pretty as can be
no one knows her name she’s just a mistery
i have seen her maybe once or twice
one thing I can say is oh she’s very nice
she’s a lady
she’s fresh

sharing apples has been a couples favorite since the days of adam and eve, but i bet they never made a heart-shaped bite mark. consider this exhibit A. proof that jeff and karmina are awesome, even when not intending to be.

who doesn’t want to get cozy in the vino aisle? honestly :)

consider this exhibit B. jeff and karmina are so hot all the price tags turned red.

karmina is to jeff as limes are to corona. they were made for each other.

jeff and karmina’s hotness was making the inside of the supermarket feel like a bikram’s yoga class so we headed out to the beach to cool off a bit. just then they struck this pose and we asked ourselves, DEAR GOD IS THERE NO RELIEF FROM THE HEAT!!

in keeping with our tradition of working with only the funnest of couples, karmina and jeff showed us they are more than just a smokin hot couple. we adore coupleas that can laugh and have fun in front of the camera.
exhibit C. jeff and karmina are awesome in more ways than we can count.

jeff and karmina’s san diego wedding is going to be legen…
wait for it…

brangelina got nothin on jemina :)

is anyone else hearing RIO playing in their head when they look at this image?

there’s something to be said about black and white images. this one says…
(spoken like a valley girl :)
in case you haven’t guessed it, we CAN NOT WAIT for jeff and karmina’s hot, fun, and rad, san diego wedding!
stay tuned.