interior, El Monte Sagrado Resort and Spa, taos, NM, june 2008, sunday night
following a couple’s spa treatment after a nice dinner the couple retire to their room. the beautiful young female opens the room door to find a trail of rose petals and candles leading to a table. atop the table is a bouquet of the woman’s favorite flowers next to some champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. a michael buble song plays in the background. the handsome man begins dancing slowly with the beautiful woman. as they dance he holds her close and whispers in her ear repeatedly.

rj – i love you. will you always love me? (repeats approx. 30 times.)

the handsome man then slowly steps back from the beautiful young woman and kneels before her on one knee. quietly, he asks a question.

rj – will you marry me?

the beautiful young woman responds aprehensively.

janell – are you serious?

rj – yes, i am.

the woman begins to cry. she then smiles and shrieks.

janell – YES!

aaaaaaaaaaaand scene. :)
it was that scene in taos nm that brought us to this scene, rj and janell’s awesome argyle wedding at elings park in santa barbara!
well, there was one other short scene that involved a bubblegum alley, a couple dumpsters, and few dozen buckets of cold water from the pacific, but we’re here now. :)
(if you missed janell and rj’s super fun engagement session in san luis obispo check it out here.)
for all scenes the leading roles were played by janell and rj (obviously). no stunt doubles were used.
their supporting cast included (but was not limited to):
janell and rj’s family and friends
ohana photographers
luna bella makeup art
creative services catering
lani b production services

then the bartender says…
that’s no moon :)

tanner was practicing for the next season of america’s next top model. she already has the whole smeyesing thing down and i think her patented bouquet holder bridesmaid dress will definitely put her over the top of all the other girls trying to get on the show.

janell and rj have surrounded themselves with friends that are just as awesome as they are. for example…

three words, hot, sexy, fun. i think i just found my new marketing. :)

this shot was a request from rj… and they did it! bonus points all around.
pulling … it … off. :) these girls were not only smoking hot, they were so funny that more than once i couldn’t see if i was focused or not because i was crying laughing behind my camera. i’m glad i got these in focus, because they are pure wedding photo gold.

kim caught janell making one of her super cute faces.

i caught rj and the girls making some pretty cute faces of their own. :)

everyone was loving the cigar bar that janell’s dad set up.

aside from showing rj’s beautiful bride, this shot has a very important symbol in it.
the hat janell is wearing belonged to her mother who was sadly taken far too early by multiple sclerosis. even though her mom wasn’t physically with us, i know she was laughing and smiling down on everyone there.
i also want everyone reading this to know that janell volunteered for the 2009 MS Southern California Ride on oct 3rd and 4th. even though this year’s ride is over, the research to fight MS is not. it would be awesome if everyone could go over to janell’s rider site and help out through donations and/or volunteering. there will be another ride coming up and volunteers, sponsors, and riders will be needed.

janell and rj are so fun…
how fun are they?

janell and rj are so fun that even their rings are fun.

seriously, janell and rj, from day one you made us smile bigger and laugh harder than anyone ever has. we’ve witnessed it not only amongst our family, but you two are so full of life and happiness that everyone around you can’t help but smile, can’t help but be filled with happiness. if you ever visited sesame street, oscar the grouch would have to change his name. you do that to people, and we love you for it. we love you big time! we will be forever thankful that out of the 42 bazillion photographers out there, you chose us. thank you from the bottom of our bucket, i mean hearts. :) we wish you every joy this world has to offer. you deserve them. we can’t wait to document all the major, and most minor, events in your lives. i have some great baby names that kim wouldn’t let me use, but you might love em. :) see you soon!

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