who do we think we are!?
we are a spaz, an artist, a laugh riot, and a low-talker. meet us and you’ll know who’s who.
here’s just a handful o’ things…you guessed it, about us.
* we are san diego natives.
* we can’t teach you how to dougie.
* one time, in mexico, rain ate lava. at least she thought she did. it turned out to be salsa.
* never let april try to tell you a story. trust us.
* we love star wars! side note, the 3 pre-travesties are excluded. excluded from that exclusion is kim’s favorite character… darth maul.
* other things we love…hawaii, disneyland, road trips, dogs, the beach, movies, and my good friend Baxter here.
* david surfs. kim dogs him because he’s a longboarder.
*  having a destination wedding? we want to go to there.
*  fish tacos rule!
*  kim is deathly afraid of sharks, but loves shark week.
* april says “like” a lot. like… a lot a lot.
*  every one of us without a Y chromosome is extremely loud.
*  i don’t know what we’re yelling about!
*  rain loves to swim and her cannon ball makes freakishly large splashes.
*  kim’s recipe for a good movie… explosions, explosions, and car chases that end in explosions.
* if you play call of duty, you have most likely killed david enough times to prestige eight times.
* our math shows that the bird is equal to, or greater than, the word.
*  we’re fluent in movie quotes and sarcasm.
*  april was not born in april. or was she?
*  rain was born while it was raining.
*  we love almost every kind of music. almost.
*  we haven’t proven it yet, but we think kim may be a robot.
*  david loves to fly. kim does not.
*  rain holds the world record for number of teeth lost in one year with 83.
*  if you don’t love everything by disney and pixar, april will fight you.
*  we think YOU are what willis was talkin’ bout.
* kim has a summer home on robot pirate island.
* you wouldn’t know it by looking at him, but david can run really fast.
* it is impossible to offend us. it’s as if we were abandoned as babies and raised by a nomadic tribe of truckers and sailors.

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  1. by Jamie Lewis on June 23, 2016  10:48 am

    My family is coming to Disneyland from July 31 to August 3. My husband will only be there from July 31 and August 1st with a pass into Disneyland only for August 1. We will be there with other family members. I was wondering if you have time for a family portrait session an hour so at Disney downtown/ disney resort hotel (where we are staying) It would be myself, my husband and our 18 month old daughter. What would be the cost? It would be on July 31st.

    I don't think we need to do it in the park itself just because she is so little and I'm not sure how she will react as this is her first time. But we like to do our family photos while on vacation. Thanks!

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