who do we think we are!?
we are a spaz, an artist, a balloonatic, and a sherpa. just meet us once and you’ll know who’s who.
here are a handful o’ things about us.
* we are san diego natives.
* we can’t teach you how to dougie.
* one time, in mexico, rain ate lava. at least she thought she did. it turned out to be salsa.
* never let april try to tell you a story. trust us.
* we love (almost) all things star wars! (episodes 1-3 and 8 are excluded. excluded from that exclusion is kim’s favorite character… darth maul.)
* other things we love…hawaii, disneyland, road trips, dogs, the beach, movies, you, and my good friend Baxter here.
* david surfs in the ocean. rain and april surf online. kim loves surfers.
*  having a destination wedding? we want to go to there.
*  fish tacos rule!
*  kim is deathly afraid of sharks, but loves shark week.
* april says “like” a lot.  like… a lot a lot.
*  every one of us without a Y chromosome is extremely loud.
*  i don’t know what we’re yelling about!
* as long as we’re yelling things… wakanda forever!
*  kim’s formula for a good movie… explosions + character development + explosions + car chases that end in explosions.
* if you play call of duty, you have most likely killed david enough times to prestige twelve times.
* our math shows that the bird is equal to, or greater than, the word.
*  we’re fluent in movie quotes and sarcasm.
*  april was not born in april. or was she?
*  rain was born while it was raining.
*  we love almost every kind of music. almost.
*  we haven’t proven it yet, but we think kim may be a robot.
*  david loves to fly. kim does not.
*  rain almost met matty healy once, but he left early to be with somebody else.
*  if you don’t love everything by disney and pixar, april will fight you.
* kim has a secret lair on robot pirate island.
* you wouldn’t know it by looking at him, but david can run really fast.
* it is impossible to offend us. it’s as if we were abandoned as babies and raised by a nomadic tribe of truckers and sailors.