if you saw our blog last week then you already know that CHRIS AND JEN STEWART are the hottest couple in nor cal and the hottest photographers. go check em out. we’ll wait. you also know that we wouldn’t leave you hangin’ with just one picture. here’s a crud-load more from the smokin hot session we did for them while they were visiting san diego for their anniversary.
all hotness aside, chris and jen are two of the raddest people we know. i’m not just talking about their shirts. from the day we met chris (almost a year ago in las vegas) we knew he was good peeps. we mentioned something in passing that was totally trivial, but chris went out of his way and researched it and wrote us a few days later from home with all kinds of info on it. that’s what kind of guy he is. since then, chris has continued to go above and beyond to help us however he can. his genuine character and caring heart are a huge part of why jen loves him and why we think he’s uber-rad. since we don’t exactly live across the street from chris and jen, we’ve loved chatting on-line with them regularly. finally getting to meet jen in-person was awesome. she’s just as cool as chris, and twice as hot! sorry chris. you’re a very close 2nd.
we’ve become HUGE fans of chris and jen’s work this year, so it was really cool to be able to do a session for them. besides, hotness like theirs should not be hidden behind a camera. as an added bonus, chris and jen are sooper fun. laughter during this session was definitely not in short supply.

exhibit 1: jen is so awesome… sunshine comes out of her arse.

we love chris’ so fresh and so clean clean style. he puts the me in metro. wait. that came out wrong. i mean… stopping now.

we love the fact that chris and jen are not afraid to laugh at themselves. they were down for everything we could dream up.

we had a pretty good laugh doing this purse snatcher sequence.

we laughed even harder when jen swiped chris’ murse and made a break for it.
that’s man-purse for those that don’t habla metronese. :)

after laughing for a few blocks we switched gears and had chris and jen show us what they’re working with. i love these next two shots that kim took.






i also love these next four that were taken by april.


the dryers weren’t the only things making that laundry room hot.




i like this sequence kim shot.

mild man-nerd.



kim likes this shot the most.

this guy was unbelievable. he’s one of those guys that likes to flex his authority, even when it’s completely unwarranted. let me state for the record that we were not anywhere near the tracks or the yellow line, yet he took it upon himself to bark out where we could and could not stand and shoot. we moved totally far away from him and he went out of his way to walk down to where we were and walk through our shot. super weak. i had to do what any self-respecting photographer would do… take a picture of him, post it on the internet, and talk undefensible smack about him. :) that’s what happens to power mongers.




hey guys, is it just me, or is it super hot in this stairwell? guys?


red light.

green light.




that guy in the top window was getting quite a show.




chris and jen can go from fierce…

to funny in less than the time it takes to answer a finger phone.

we love you two!


insert your own caption here.


i love the light and feel of this shot.


every street corner in the usa is like this. at least when we’re working they are. :)

shoot n share time.

chris and jen, i think this shot sums up our day with you perfectly. we had a rickdiculous amount of fun with you. “working” with you was an absolute pleasure. kim and i can’t wait to see you both again. next time we’ll have to do a session with all the kiddos too. yes, we have the stones. we love your ohana! see you soon friends.
have a happy and safe halloween.