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Ohana on the road to Hana

as we were working on grace and jared's wedding we couldn't help but think of all our previous bride's that grace works with. in order of appearance they are karmina, tiffany, eunice, joann, and grace herself. all but one of their weddings was in sweet home san diego. joann and dan's wedding took us across the pacific to the island of maui. while i was on activ[...]

Christmas at Disneyland

we were so busy this year that we didn't have as much time as we like to visit Disneyland while they have their Christmas decorations up. december came and went before we knew it. we did squeeze in a trip during the first week of january and quickly remembered why we don't go to disneyland in the first week of january. if you're claustrophobic you should look away[...]

on this day

the year was 19 something and a little room at sharp memorial hospital was filled to capacity with big emotions. pain, fear, frustration, exhaustion, empathy, courage, determination, triumph, love, pride, ultimate joy. while many breaths were being held, one was being taken, for the first time. in one moment, screams turned to silence, silence turned to c[...]

April got accepted to CALARTS!!!

as of today, we will no longer associate friday the 13th with anything bad. kim and i are absolutely busting with pride because today our daughter april received a brightly colored letter in the mail. no, it wasn't from willy wonka. it was from a place april has been dreaming about since she was a tadpole. let's go back a bit shall we. (insert dream waves here) [...]