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Grace and Jared family photos in San Diego at Balboa Park

It seems like it was just 2 posts ago when I said "it's time to get your family together for some photos. Hug, laugh, stare awkwardly at each other… whatever you want… just get in front of a camera." Well... it was two posts ago, we're a tad behind on blogging, and this beautiful family did just that. The last time we saw them there were only three, and Grace had a[...]

Castro Ohana at Disneyland

Your family loves Disneyland? Our family loves Disneyland! We should go there... together. Jaymie's family did their part to make sure Disneyland will always be the happiest place on earth.  ******************************************************************************************************************************************************       tha[...]

Disneyland family photos pt2

who is ready to see more of pinky, chad, and cole on their first trip to Disneyland? me! me! me! like i said before, we absolutely LOVE this ohana, and being with them on their first visit to the magic kingdom was super special. when you see cole's face after he defeated Darth Vader and became a full-fledged padawan in the jedi training academy you'll know w[...]

Disneyland family first visit pt1

the last family session we did with pinky, chad, and cole was in their backyard, aka oahu. this year, they flew out to our backyard, aka disneyland! in fact, it was their first trip to the magic kingdom, so we couldn't just do a quick session and bail. after taking their family photos, we changed into our tour guide barbie uniforms (mine is pretty sweet by the [...]

Waimea Love

one of my favorite things about hawaii is the people that live there. the aloha spirit is real, and it lives in everyone that calls this paradise home, like the brunel's here. we met them years ago, through ronnie and giji, and have updated their family portraits regularly ever since. every time we go to hawaii they are one of the highlights of our trip. they're s[...]

how did you get to be so swell?

it all started about 2 years ago. a story about a couple whose “serendipitous link” on a website brought them to us. i'm not a sappy writer ( a horrible writer actually )  or even a sappy person, that's david's department, but i would be lying if i said i didn't have a big sappy place in my robot heart for whitney + man. what i just wrote is getting me teary just [...]