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Ohana on the road to Hana

as we were working on grace and jared's wedding we couldn't help but think of all our previous bride's that grace works with. in order of appearance they are karmina, tiffany, eunice, joann, and grace herself. all but one of their weddings was in sweet home san diego. joann and dan's wedding took us across the pacific to the island of maui. while i was on activ[...]

joann and dan got maui-d

so you say you last saw joann and dan's aftermath session in maui on monday and you've been "dying" to see the shots from their wedding at Black Rock for over 48 hours? let's just take a look-see at your chart. hmm. your symptoms include night sweats, insomnia, jimmy-legs, and acute eyeball twitching. looks like your pupils are dilated, and your heart rat[...]

Waimea Love

one of my favorite things about hawaii is the people that live there. the aloha spirit is real, and it lives in everyone that calls this paradise home, like the brunel's here. we met them years ago, through ronnie and giji, and have updated their family portraits regularly ever since. every time we go to hawaii they are one of the highlights of our trip. they're s[...]