finding love is not something that comes to us naturally. most of us learn the hard way. trial and error.
some guys spend years honing their pickup skills. sleepless nights (not for the good reason) crafting ultimate pickup lines that can’t miss, trial by fire up in the club, magazine articles, online research, focus groups, and acts that sometimes lead to an intervention by their closest friends.
some girls go to extremes to get guys to notice them, like walking completely across campus to follow a guy to his class (then running back in 30 seconds to make it to their own class on time), having a friend of a friend of a friend ask a guy “hypothetically” what his reaction would be if a certain someone liked him, laughing the loudest in a group at a guy’s corny jokes to make him feel good, breast augmentation (silicone or kleenex), and acts that sometimes lead to an intervention by their closest friends.
whatever juvenile, sad, stupid, ridiculous, funny, awesome, perfect things we do that lead us ultimately to find the love of our life are worth all the lumps we take for them.
we LOVE hearing all the crazy things people do to try to hook up, and we especially love hearing how couples met and ultimately fell in love.
for allison and jason it all started with a wink. no sad pickup lines, no booze induced karaoke duet of moon river, just a wink, and a wink back. they are living proof that there is (some) truth in advertising. they met on and started dating. it really is “ok to look.” allison and jason did, and i honestly have not met a couple that seems happier to be together than them. they are now happily engaged and set to have their wedding at the bernardo winery later this year. we had a blast walking around one of our favorite orange county beaches for their engagement session. we even made a stop by “their spot” behind the montage resort in laguna beach where jason got down on one knee and asked allison to marry him.