some of the worst smelling places in the world are the best places for taking photos.
that being said, up until last year i was missing out on one of the smelliest/best places in california. i had never been to the salton sea.
the first time i went out there the heavens aligned and i was able to get some great images. ever since that first trip i have been planning an uber session back out there with the perfect couple.
enter agnes and paul.
when i first met agnes she saw some of my images from the first trip and i could see the gears turning in her head when she left. days later we were talking & agnes asked if we could shoot her engagement session at the salton sea.
the pictures that follow are the answer to her question.

you can’t tell by looking at these images, but i didn’t actually get to meet paul until the day we all drove out to the salton sea together. it didn’t matter a bit. agnes and paul both jumped in front of the camera like we had been working together for years. this is one of my favorites from the day.

here’s some of april‘s post processing magic. she was inspired by a scene in the movie “across the universe.”

we found out that skating on weathered gravel roads isn’t as easy as it looks.

this old house. circa 2008

here’s what that trailer looked like not so long ago. like most of what’s left out there, it’s fading fast. this shot was taken by Kim Stringfellow. check out her book here.


something about this shot i really like. is it the sun? the stray dog? agnes and paul? whatever it is, i like it.

could these two BE any hotter? nope.

before the sun dipped over the mountains and headed off to light the other side of the world i caught one last bit of it’s warmth on the faces of agnes and paul. once again the salton sea provided us with an amazing backdrop for a photo session. there is something special about this place. i’m so glad we were able to preserve another part of it, if only in digital form.
agnes and paul, thank you so much for wanting to do this session. it’s was such a treat getting to do your session in this place. i know it took a big commitment on your part to set aside the time to do this. we definitely appreciate it. we can’t wait for your wedding in july!

now, you didn’t think we just took 17 pictures did you?


want to see more agnes and paul? head over to aprils blog to see some of her shots from the day.